Born of Fire

The Born of Fire series…

Will has never ridden a dragon over the desert skies, nor has he watched the girl he loves command storm magic. Will is a slave, owned by drunks, until a brutal beating the week of his seventeenth birthday prompts him to make a daring escape as the newest guard on a caravan out of Asharad. In an unexpected moment of bravery on the desert trade road, he delivers the killing blow to an enormous sand fiend, only to be crushed by its weight and burned by its acid. Upon waking from his coma, he is made an offer he can’t refuse: overcome his wounds and join the ranks of the dragon riders of Aeronoth, or be returned to his former masters in Asharad.

Will fights to restore his body, while he also learns to form friendships with and maybe even trust his fellow recruits. His wise yet wise-cracking dragon Keoria shows him what it means to truly know freedom in the skies. She also tries to guide him in his romantic pursuit of Misty, the healer who rescued him from his coma. All the while though, dark strands unfold around Will and his fellow recruits that threaten to engulf them all. 

In the ghostly desert fortress of Teravax, the leader of an order of assassins has his own designs on Aeronoth. Mysterious deaths start to pile up as Will and his friends chase clues that lead them to the heart of an ancient blood feud between hidden necromancer and warlock factions that threatens to destroy the world around them. The new dragon riders of Aeronoth must band together as they are forced to grow up more quickly than any of them had planned, and Will must turn his past into his power or risk losing everything he has started to let himself care about.